Thursday, January 19, 2017

Long-Term Project

The long-term project, a.k.a. LTP, a.k.a. Project 4, a.k.a. Final Typeface, is worth 330 of the 630 total points for the term, making it approximately 52% of the term's overall grade. The long-term project has three components.
36 points Final Typeface Research (Thurs. Feb. 2): presenting a variety of type designs that you are interested in exploring for the final project, with a discussion about the work you're interested in pursuing; you will pitch no less than 3 typeface designs that you could pursue for the semester as your long-term project; they may be of any classification (sans serif, serif, slab serif, script, decorative, etc.) and used for one or more applications (print, digital, environmental, etc.) for display and large formatting or for long-form, focused and intensive reading
  • 3 points craft of presentation and its imagery
  • 15 points no less than 3 typeface designs (5 points per example) for possible pursuit shown as found type that you've photographed or drawings you've made on your own
  • 15 points specifying where each of your typefaces could be used appropriately in print and/or digital and/or environmental applications
  • 3 points presentation, professionalism, following directions
  • presented as a 11-inch wide by 8.5-inch high multi-page PDF in class at the Windows workstation, and also copied to our Turnstile_2 folder

30 points, Final Typeface Proposal (Tues. Feb. 14): presenting your narrowed-down direction and identifying the glyphs you will make, be they uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, math symbols, symbols, graphics, icons, etc.; you will need to have a total of 52 glyphs for the Final Typeface Design (see Final Typeface Design); examples of 52 glyphs include 26 uppercase plus 26 lowercase, or 26 uppercase plus 10 numerals and 16 punctuation, or 26 uppercase plus 26 alternate characters, or make a layered typeface with 26 uppercase and 26 uppercase fills and/or outlines to transform the uppercase, etc., layered examples include Sullivan, as well as fonts by Terrance Weinzierl such as Pizza Press
  • 10 points at least 1 typeface design you will pursue for the remainder of the semester, showing at least 10 glyphs that serve as an example: example glyphs you show must include ZHORL or zhorl; if you'll only do uppers or only do lowers, then show ZHORL (or zhorl), and 5 other glyphs, be they numbers or punctuation, or symbols (show 10 sample glyphs in all, at 1 point for each glyph) may be drawn by hand or drawn using Adobe Illustrator
  • 10 points specifying what complete glyph set you will make in total (see the examples above about the 52 combination examples), you may type your glyph set for this presentation using any typeface; in other words, you don't have to design your typeface's 52 glyphs for this proposal
  • 5 points specifying 5 places/applications where your typeface could be appropriately used in print and/or digital and/or environmental and/or signage/wayfinding areas, among others, show examples as photograph, design prototypes, or other visuals
  • 5 points presentation, professionalism, following directions
  • recommended presentation: 11-inch wide by 8.5-inch high multi-page PDF shown in class at the Windows workstation, and also copied to our Turnstile_2 folder 

264 points, Final Typeface Design (due last day of class, Thurs. Apr. 20): making the letters, numbers, punctuation, and/or other glyphs, with 52 glyphs in all and vectorizing them in Illustrator (any/all type must be vectorized, even if you have made it with pen and ink or a brush); students will also create a spec sheet (all of the glyphs on a single format, showing every glyph they've made), a branding board that has the name of their font, and three capabilities with your design used in 3 ways (may be any or all of the following, print, digital, 3d, environment, etc.)

This post will be updated with more information as the semester progresses, and we will discuss the Research, Proposal, and Design components in class as we near the first of the above deadlines.

See examples from prior years in Turnstile_2’s VCOM 358 folder.