Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Statement

see updates below regarding Feb. 9 critique and new deadline of Feb. 14, to accommodate for visiting lecturer on Feb. 9

Project 2, The Statement, challenges your typographic and lettering abilities, requiring you to design letterforms for a political or promotional statement, or for a passage or phrase such as a direct quote.

You will be making a word, words, or a sentence that is:
  • political in nature
  • promotional, and encouraging or challenging
  • passage (as a direct quote) from a book, poem, text, or meme
  • phrase (spoken words) from a movie, play, television show, cartoon

Your statement may be:
  • kind or angry 
  • happy or sad
  • focused or confused
  • funny or serious
  • controversial or commonplace
  • academic or an absurd meme
  • calm or manic
  • a meme or a quote
  • from print, television, a song, or a movie, as well as a play, musical, or performance

Learning Outcomes:
  • learn and refine freehand drawing skills for making multiple glyphs (letterforms)
  • learn and refine digital drawing skills, as well as drawing input and refinement in Adobe Illustrator
  • exploration of type styles that may be hand-crafted with pencil, pen, brush, and paper, or their digital equivalent
  • awareness of visual and formal vocabulary with regard to glyph rendering, drawing, editing, and making

worth 80 points total
  • 20 craft, rendering technique
  • 10 composition within the 10 by 10 inch format
  • 30 composition of the lettering and typography, legibility, readability
  • 10 concept and message
  • 10 professionalism, making portfolio-worthy work

process, development
  • for the Jan. 26 critique, bring at least one of each of the following for discussion: a political statement, a promotional statement, a passage (direct quote), and a phrase (may be another direct quote or a meme)
  • with your chosen statement in hand, explore the ways you can render it typographically, be it through lettering, designing a typeface, or building/constructing type by hand using 3D methods
  • work in class on the chosen direction Jan. 26 and Jan. 31
  • updated Feb. 4: you may incorporate graphic elements such as shapes, ornaments, decoration, and/or photography, but the lettering and typography needs to do a majority of the work, the heavy lifting
  • updated Feb. 6: refine and finalize the work, having 100% size and full-color work hung up on Feb. 9 for a critique; revisions may be made over the weekend with a final delivery on Tues. Feb. 14

final format:
  1. full color
  2. 10 by 10 inch format
  3. lettering elements and/or strokes may break the format, going off the edge for a bleed
  4. submit both EPS and PNG for final to Turnstile_2
  5. Illustrator.EPS vector file
  6. PNG (ideally PNG-24) with transparency, no compression, RGB, 600dpi
see the Course Calendar for more information about deadlines